FRESHCUT invites its audience to the flowers’ enchanting world of small wonders and transforms them into actors of an augmented cinematic reality. Bringing under the magnifier a small everyday detail, FRESHCUT creates a fictional world at the threshold of art and craftsmanship where the non- spoken language of flowers reigns. The audience is assigned a role in this fictional world once they are under the ‘spotlight’, and they become a part of the narration.

There is simultaneously a robotic and emotional, tense and violent relationship between the performance and the ambiance while the space is manipulated by different artificial floral scents from different corners.

FRESHCUT brings under the robotic spotlights the violent craft of creating and the emotional art of cutting and slicing where art and craft transform into one another.

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MAK NITE [email protected] Columned Main Hall
Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art
Curator: Marlies Wirth
Florist: Jérémy Martin (Paris)
Sound: Orkun Şentürk & :mentalKLINIK
Tue, 26.03.2013, 8:00p.m.
Photo: © MAK/Katrin Wisskirche