:mentalKLINIK, 2008

:mentalKLINIK tags 21st century’s fragments with its own point of view. It designs unidentified spaces, indefinite zones and frozen times. Keeps records of relations with materials, while approaching to the immaterial world. Works on the subjects/concepts/states/behaviors. Produces forms of relations with participants in its defined time and space. Uses processes of creation, design, production and consumption as sources of its works. :mentalKLINIK with its “undisciplined” state of mind, finds space of movement within the limits of art. 

Thinks over the relations between time and space, subject and object, object and time and produces. Names the objects as interfaces. Introduces new dimensions in the space where it is located; opens the space for all senses.     

:mentalKLINIK, slides its view from the object to the behind of it. There, finds the necessary insipration. “Archives” its views upon objects and states as an “ingredients/contents" project. :mentalKLİNİK, locating itself between the subject and the object, creates a joyful anxiety with its methods of “causing an accident” in its own interface. Not only considers technologies as gifts, but also produces forms of struggles against the given to overcome these techologies.    

:mentalKLINIK is interested in the unidentified, the indefinite, the interrupted, the distorted, the damaged, the abraded, the frozen, the volatile, the immaterial, the  uncertain and the unpredictable. This interest brings the consideration of fictions regarding the future with a critical perspective.  

Materialized blurred things are suggestions concerning the reconsideration and redesign of the one that already exists and that is believed to exist inevitably. :mentalKLINIK works on meeting the expectations of the day and the consequent multiple identity of the artist. Encounters identities and states, multiplied in the network, with multiplying artist’s identity.  Inıtial point of :mentalKLINIK’s works, is the awareness in a time of passing from the world, eagerly anticipating and expecting the future, to the world where future is made.  

:mentalKLINIK, locates itself in the passage between two centuries, wants to hole inbetween the material and the immaterial world in its own understanding of time and space, while being reinforced by the emergent cultures and the changes of forms of production and life between the centuries. :mentalKLINIK, with the constructs on which value relations are discussed, the joyful anxiety, the works that reflect augmented realities with reduced senses, the exhibitions that offer occupations, produces encounters in its own microclimate. These encounters define the forms of the works.    

Nonethless these actions are not that delibarete.