A form of documentation seeking to explore, point out, and remind one of certain concepts and contexts pertaining to emotions and behaviour, form and content, culture and identity. Transforms its aorist present point of view, on what it has documented related to concepts and contexts, into a collectable form.

Interested in the journey of point of view in time and space. Plans encounters during its journey.  Gets interested, asks questions, answers, relates, arranges collisions, plans encounters, multiplies, sorts out, creates in-between spaces, expands the time and space it is located in, realize accidents for time and space. By locating itself in the space between the abstract and the concrete, creates temporary, transitive and permeable contexts. Is interested in all states of in-between spaces. It is a fluid and nomadic form.

docu:mentalKLINIK can locate itself in and can take its point of view on a journey in magazines, web sites, CDs, publications, newspapers, etc. Does not have a permanent address other than its web address. Invites, gets invitations, makes itself invited. Wants to establish relations between different publications and mediums. Wants to provide solutions for content crisis.     “Emergent cultures” are among its areas of interest. As much as it can have long-term relationships, it can also have short-term relationships. Is available for multiple relations simultaneously.

*docu: mentalKLINIK is a subheading of :mentalKLINIK.

docu:mentalKLINIK issues (2002-2007)

:mentalKLINIK duo has founded docu:mentalKLINIK in 2002 as a form of documentation.

TENEZZUL (condescension),
Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.2, June, 2002

BELLEK (memory),
Trendsetter, Vol.1, No.3, July, 2002

HAL (state of being)
Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.4, August, 2002

DEFO (flaw, defect)
Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.5, September, 2002

ALTÜST/TERSYÜZ (upside-down/inside-out)
Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.6, October, 2002

SİMYA (alchemy)
 Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.7, November, 2002

HİÇ (nothing)
Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.8, December, 2002

REKLAM (advertisement)
Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.9, January, 2003

SAVAŞ (war)
Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.10, February, 2003

FOTOĞRAF (photography)
Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.11, March, 2003

VİRUS (virus)
Trendsetter, Vol.1,  No.12, April, 2003  

BİRİKTİRMEK (to collect)
Trendsetter, Vol.2,  No.1, May, 2003

ALKIŞLAMAK(to applaud / to clap)
Trendsetter, Vol.2,  No.2, June, 2003

YELLENMEK(to fan/ fanning)
Trendsetter, Vol.2,  No.3, July, 2003

TASVİR (description)
Trendsetter, Vol.2,  No.4, August, 2003

SURET (appearance, copy)
Trendsetter, Vol.2,  No.5, September, 2003

Trendsetter, Vol.2,  No.6, October, 2003

Colophon 2007, Luxembourg

Fashion Shoot for Nico Magazine, Sping/Summer 2007

AGORAPHOBIA ]control initiative[, 2007
 art_ist magazine