This constructed experience generates a feeling of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The audience members enter into the space at the peak of the experience and they experience a sudden mood change as the party comes to a standstill with no apparent reason. The audience never fully gets in the groove since just right before the moment this might happen all pleasure is suspended. The experience juxtaposes the promises of entertainment and of nightlife with the reality and bareness of daylight. Usually working hours and a sense of responsibility are associated with the notion day while fun, entertainment, letting oneself go and irresponsibility are associated with the notion of night. This ephemeral experience subverts all such expectations and before one has time to reflect on it disappears. It disrupts the pleasure and fun at its peak and suspends the expectation for more. This experience also provokes some repressed anxieties since the audience members are confronted with their desire to become a part of a group. They are charmed by the appeal of community and confronted with the problem of belonging. This experience will be unforgettable yet destructive and distractive at the same time!


A room in an hotel lobby is transformed into a club that is covered around by red gelatin curtains. Sound and light systems is set up inside. The music is made up of repetitive short loops. A scent/perfume particular to the space, sensible by the audience will be present. The entrance into the space is through a tented corridor reminiscent of real clubs. At the entrance there is a bodyguard and a host who picks who gets to enter by pointing at them. 3-4 people is chosen each time to enter the club. Not everybody is given the chance to enter the space. This is last roughly about 30 minutes and afterwards the club is closed. Inside the space there is already be a group of people (selected by casting and whose outfits are finalized by styling) dancing. It is crowded inside and the audience members who are let in is  able to participate in the dancing/party. However, in a very short time after the entrance of the audience members, the music stops and everyone dancing come to a standstill. The present audience members is shown out and the new ones let in as described above, repeating the same mechanism. In the meantime the cast of dancers is subject to change since there are more people (club/party cast members) in the adjacent room. In short, the community present inside is vary with different agents. In 30 minutes the club closes down.