MARCH 21, 2008 – OCTOBER 14, 2009


since march 21, 2008
:mentalKLINIK 2008 and 2009 productions: TagCloud

:mentalKLINIK opens to pursuit unobscured what it surveys by tagging its concept of frozen time, its way of appending to time, its relationship to art, its perspective and idea of production with tags like dismembering, blurred, fragment, source, arman, chaos, curve, joseph beuys, ad hoc, cloud, nonlinear, explosion, virtual, open source, dust, merzbau, liquid, turbulence, particle, nebula, immaterial, ma, light, carefree, accident.   

:mentalKLINIK fictionalizes an occupied time and place at its location in a designated timeframe, on purpose that this requires the spectator’s active engagement, in order to generate a direction of flow, create tension, change the movement’s direction, deposit residue and generate a blur using its right to change, remove and add.    

Nothing can exist that is not tagged today. Tags are present both on products, in our memory and in the relationships we establish.  With the works of ‘augmented reality’ human beings are being drifted from the material world further and further into a cloudlike zone. :mentalKLINIK attempts to challenge the threshold of the cloud like world born of the tag’s reinforced autonomy, by the constructed reality of the work as tag. The 21st century fragments confronted in the present day and which we have difficulty giving meaning and name to, the topics, concepts and circumstances of a world without materials, are handled by the intermediation of the works identified as interface in the relationship to the material world, while :mentalKLİNİK’s point of view  destroys and reestablishes the relationship to place, time and spectator.

‘Tagcloud’ transforming the gallery into a workshop, the exhibition space into a construction site is open till the end of 2008. :mentalKLINIK develops a ‘source’ for the future with works that are replaced at times and that shift place and presentation. 


TagCloud exhibition actualizing itself by giving up on its state of being continues to be a form itself. It constitutes the idea of past and future in an extended present, within the same plane. The exhibition shelters the state of being a prospective as well as that of being a retrospective.  

The structure of the exhibition as a form of continuity, the entrances and exits of the works bring TagCloud closer to the idea of immortality. TagCloud as an exhibition presents an unusual augmented experience. A gallery’s routine of holding 6 exhibitions a year (exhibitions of various artists) is replaced with :mentalKLINIK’s exhibition which hosts the same artists 6 times in  a year. This demands repeatedly visiting as a constantly updated webpage.

In arts, an area less demanded, :mentalKLINIK makes more demands on the service oriented and subscriber subjects. It provokes by presenting an exhibition which can be RSS-ed. TagCloud as an object of augmented desires is an exhibition that lusts for its subject. The artworks as interfaces continue to be subjects in all relations, they form courageous relations in a non-hierarchical order.

the open dates of the exhibition:
march 21222829 __ april 45111218192526__ may 23910161723243031__ june 67131420212728__ july 45111218192526__ august 1289151622232930__ september 56121319202627__ october 3410111718242531__ november 178141521222829__ december 56121319202627__2008__january 23910161723243031__february 67131420212728__march 67131420212728__2009
visiting hours of the exhibition: Friday/Saturday 16:00-20:00