TagCloud explores mentalKLINIK’s concept of frozen time, its way of appending to time, its relationship to art, its perspective and idea of production with tags like blurred, fragment, joseph beuys, ad hoc, cloud, open source, dust, merzbau.   

:mentalKLINIK fictionalizes an occupied time and place at its location in a designated timeframe. This requires the spectator’s active engagement in order to generate a direction of flow, to create tension, to change the movement’s direction, to deposit residue and to generate a blur by removing and adding.    

Nothing can exist today that is not tagged. Tags are present on products, in our memory and in the relationships we establish.  With works of ‘augmented reality’, human beings are being drifted from the material world further and further into a cloudlike zone.:mentalKLINIK attempts to challenge the threshold of the cloudlike world born of the tag’s reinforced autonomy by the constructed reality of the work as tag.

‘Tagcloud’ transforms the gallery into a workshop, the exhibition space into a construction site, while :mentalKLINIK  develops a ‘source’ for the future with works that are replaced and shift place & presentation from time to time  to time. 

Tag Cloud exhibition is a continuously changing form and simultaneously a form of continuity. It presents an unusual augmented experience. A gallery’s routine of holding multiple exhibitions a year by different artists is replaced with an exhibition that hosts the same artist multiple times a year. This exhibition demands from service oriented and subscriber subjects to visit the site repeatedly as a constantly updated webpage.